Offer for blogers

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My capabilities

I have been working with bloggers for over six years. During this time, I learned how to quickly find advertising, and bring the most difficult negotiations with clients to payment and signing a contract, which managers with less experience usually fail.

I am ready to save a huge bunch of your time on searching for clients, negotiations, creatives, approvals, take on the legal side (if you do not have a legal entity). In addition, I can solve many of your issues, ranging from organizing collaborations and interviews for the media, ending with barter with hotels when you move around the country and legal assistance in case of unforeseen situations (through lawyer Alexander Zinurov, who successfully completed the case of Oleg Tinkov against Nemagia - video confirmation from it is on the website).

I also have many different additional ways to monetize your popularity. Starting from advertising with pay-per-result in the form of installs, downloads, decorated cards, etc. (I always have such advertising, and there is a large choice!), ending with the development of a project specifically for your ambassadorship (it's free, my partners invest and allocate a team).

There are the following formats of cooperation:

  • We can just be friends and communicate: in this case, I will from time to time give you advertisements from myself and my partners
  • YA mogu byt' vashim agentom (vy dayete agentskuyu skidku, ukazyvayete moy VK v kontaktakh kanala libo snimayete otzyv): v takom sluchaye, budu zanimat'sya poiskom kliyentov spetsial'no dlya vas 180 / 5000 Результаты перевода I can be your agent (you give an agent discount, indicate my VK in the channel contacts or shoot a review): in this case, I will be looking for clients especially for you
  • I can be your manager: in this case, I fully manage all your affairs. (I do not take on all channels, because it requires a lot of commitment, it is impossible to be an effective manager of more than 3-4 bloggers at the same time)

More with offer can be found in the presentation