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My capabilities

My opportunities in the field of PR are very extensive.

Firstly, I am the direct manager of some of the major YouTube channels, and the official agent of many others, on whose behalf I am authorized to negotiate and form the entire sponsorship policy. My main specialization is working with TOP bloggers from Russia.

Secondly, since I was one of the first players in the CIS influencer marketing market, I had many students and followers. To date, some of them have achieved fantastic success (with my help) and I also present them as exclusive top bloggers on special terms (for you, the price is the same as directly).

Thirdly, I work not only with bloggers, but I am also a partner of the largest advertising holdings in the market: the Sales Territory group of companies in Russia, and the advertising agency Bads in Ukraine/Europe, and also represent their interests (we are not talking about resale of other people's services!). Together we can solve any problem in the field of advertising and PR on mutually beneficial terms.

In addition, over eight years I have accumulated not only experience and understanding of how the market works, what is profitable and converts and what is not, but also a huge number of contacts and opportunities that could potentially be of interest to an advertiser. Starting from the opportunity to work with targeted Facebook traffic, ending with various special projects, offline events and advertising in Asia, the USA, and Latin America. It takes a very long time to list and describe everything, but I tried to do it in the video, and attached the presentations of my key partners below. We can say that through me you can solve anything related to advertising and PR on favorable terms.

Even advertising agencies and artistes are my clients, since I am a private entrepreneur and not an agency, and I can afford not to make a large mark-up (in most cases, there is none at all, because I receive an agency commission, or I myself form the sponsorship policy of a person on whose behalf I am negotiating). Moreover, in most cases, I guarantee agencies that if a direct client goes directly to the bloggers I represent, they will be redirected to you.

In addition, I am ready to lobby for your terms of cooperation with influencers, and be the guarantor of effective communication and low prices. For example, if you are a large company, and you work exclusively with postpay under a contract and the blogger is not satisfied with this, I have partners who are ready to prepay the blogger for a part of my agency commission from the blogger. If the blogger does not have a legal entity, ideas for viral and effective advertising, or some blogger or top celebrity does not answer you and you really need to contact him if you need some additional seeding of footage and publication about the case in the media - that's all I take care of these questions.

Also, in a short time I can provide a media plan for bloggers based on your tasks, within the framework of your benchmarks for the price of viewing (and this will be the lower bar in the range). Or, work with CPA payments for specific installations, registrations, FTD, etc. through the Bads agency.

I also have verified marketing contractors on Reddit and Quora for Western clients.

I advise you to simply tell about your project and marketing task in as much detail as possible, and I will save you from the need to understand all this, I will offer the most optimal option.